GYAANDEEP is an initiative of DEAL- Digital Excellence Academy of Learning.

Engage - Enrich - Empower

We aim to empower our fellow citizens by strengthening and unlocking potential in key areas. Our aim is to strengthen your understanding in the Personal, Professional, Social, and Financial domains through enhanced life Skills.

At DEAL, it is our firm belief that – “Your earning ability today is largely dependent upon your knowledge and skill as input and your ability to combine these two in a manner to contribute value that customers are willing to pay for, as the output .”

Here is your opportunity to Enrich your Self with your choice of subject and topic.

This initiative is a Corporate Social Responsibility program by the community for the community.

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Gyaandeep Learning Festival
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Gyaan Gurukul

  • The Largest Community of Lerner's & Trainer’s
  • Variety of Learning Modules to chose by industry Experts
  • 20% Discount on all the LMS Modules
  • Option to Chose Live/Digital Session & LMS Program.
  • Design your Own Self Development Calendar at your convenience
  • Choose any 12 learning program of your choice & View free

Digital Gurukul

  • The Largest Community of Trainer’s
  • Expand your Business Horizon
  • Design & Sell your Signature Program
  • Digital Coaching & Support from Team DEAL
  • Option to facilitate Live/Digital Session & LMS Program.
  • Be an L&OD Partner
  • Strong Community Support
  • Content / Video Support