Dear friends,

I write this post as one of the first ones on this site exactly because many of us may be wondering as the title suggests whether to or not to. Many would be wondering when to. To lead one has to begin and the others then follow it is said. So I decided to take lead. Purely with the intent to set the ball rolling on this site.

Many a opportunities are lost in our life pondering as the title suggests and finally the one who bites takes the cake. Ever wondered why? Well! we have been brought up so. Do not take risks, ask yourself what if? and what not. My challenge to you through this write up is change your thoughts to Why not? and why not I? The absolute difference between leaders and followers. DEAL is a community born out of one such thought. Unless you bite the bullet, action doesn’t happen. And, we all know that activity is the mother of all that results. The result may or may not be as one seeks out to achieve. Yes! it might actually be better than the expectation. The point is when we look at the other side of the coin more and that says  that the results may not be as good as we desire. And that is the end of action. Fear of failure and inaction are the most limiting thoughts ever. Manifesting in procrastination and over protective approach.

Nothing of consequence was ever created, discovered or learnt without the one effort of venturing out. One says do not take a decision in the heat of the moment. But Heat is an essential aid for any creation. We are all a group of initiators and the need is to take action and that too decisively. Especially, in the most challenging of times. people look up to the actions of the preacher and they expect us to “practise what we preach” If you are on a journey to make a difference then you need to be different first. So Each one of us must pride ourselves in being different and diffident in the eye of a storm. Set out to chart our own course for all else to follow. Charting the course is for history makers and following the charts is for those who seek to follow.

Therefore, as we begin DEALING at DEAL. let us all chart our paths that are both unique and trailblazing, so much so that eventually we pride in it and others follow.

Born to LEAD  – Let’s DEAL.