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Training and coaching Parents
Training and Development
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Human Resource Optimisation
Curriculum Planning
Focusing on 'What is Right?' rather than 'Who is Right?'
will save tremendous time and energy.

Anju Arora


The Art Of Effective Parenting

Foundational Course On Parenting �You will explore ideas and practices needed to enhance your effectiveness as parents. �You will learn for sure the basic parenting values across all ages to be practiced by parents. �You will gain insights into most promising solutions to everyday challenges of parenting. �You will develop understanding of your role. �You will develop abilities and skills needed to play your role effectively. �You will experience a real sense of happiness & peace of mind. �You will discover the EFFECTIVE PARENT in you. �You will be able to support your children grow into Happy, Responsible and Confident people...The ULTIMATE Aim of all Parents.

Teachers' Training Webinars/Workshops

Group Training Sessions are conducted on issues and topics like.. Class Management, Bloom's Taxonomy, Being An Extraordinary Teacher, Writing Remarks, Life Skills Teaching and many more. Learnings from these webinars/workshops/training sessions empower teachers and help them become more effective than before and motivated enough to the cause of education.

One to one Counseling on Parenting Issue

One to one Counseling to Parents is provided based on my more than two decades experience in Education Sector, on various age appropriate issues of the children. In case if it is observed that the issue needs some professional psychological help, the case is further referred to the Psychologist.

Parenting Webinars on All Age Issues

Parenting workshops/webinars on Toddlers, Pre schoolers, Middle Schoolers and Teenagers. These webinars are conducted for a group of parents and are customized also as per the specific needs of parents. Practical strategies on various issues like, Conflict Resolution, Problem Solving, Engaging Cooperation from Children, Anger Management and Time Management are discussed and taught. At the end of these workshops Parents definitely find themselves more confident than before to handle issues more effectively with their children.


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