Dear Schools

In Education Sector, the only people, organizations or businesses to survive will be those who embrace the technology, learn and transform themselves. New Normal is being created very much in front of our own eyes…Digital/Online Teaching is replacing the Conventional Teaching.¬†Those who match the speed of change will emerge successful.

Pandemic 2020 has reaffirmed the universal fact that it is the survival of the fittest but this time not in terms of physical strength, resources or connections. It is survival of the terms of digital adaptability and resilience.

Ever wondered what are those attributes that reveal that somebody possesses that Attitude to Survive or not?

A Reality Check can be taken on the following parameters:
  • Am I capable to identify that change¬†at the¬†right time?
  • Am I ready to equip myself with the knowledge¬†to take the¬†change in stride?


Am I still in denial mode and resisting the change?
  • Am I ready to invest time in myself¬†to learn that knowledge?
  • Do I have the perseverance enough¬†to continue if I have started to learn?
  • Am I ready to come out of my comfort zone¬†and reinvent¬†myself?
  • Am I ready to learn and fail¬†rather than¬†fail to learn?
  • Do I understand how to financially invest¬†in learning to get the¬†highest return?
  • Do I have the capability to convert knowledge¬†into¬†money and results?
  • Do I have the attitude to¬†‚Äėjust do it‚Äô?
  • Now let us do the Reality Check, this time..¬†¬†‚ÄėAs a School‚Äô;
  • ¬†Had I been quick enough to identify¬†that right now¬†digital/online teaching learning is replacing the traditional class rooms teaching learning?
  • Have I shown the willingness¬†to take my¬†entire team of educators on board¬†and¬†ready to learn the nitty gritty of on-line education¬†in a systematic manner? (Please note that teachers learning on their own without any institutional support is not akin to systematic manner.)


Do I believe that once the pandemic is over the teaching learning will come back to the traditional class room model?

  • ¬†Have I made some structured schedule to spend time everyday to learn technology and upgrade¬†myself? Have I done something¬†to keep the morale of my team up?
  • ¬†Have I made some practical plans¬†to¬†continue with my learning¬†or it was just a knee jerk reaction and just organized a few training sessions and have nothing planned in a continuous manner?
  • Have I done something to keep the morale of my teachers up¬†and¬†motivated¬†them enough¬†to take a leap towards digital transformation? Have I been able¬†to show them the vision? (Vision is something to be happening in the future but we are able to see it today?)
  • ¬†Do I have guts and courage¬†to¬†learn and master¬†one digital tool, another and then other till I find/ get customized one as per my needs? Am I¬†ready to fail¬†also while learning on the go?
  • ¬†Have I been able to realize¬†that I have¬†to plan to invest financially¬†also into the¬†digital transformation trainings of my teachers? While right now it might¬†seem as an expenditure¬†but the business acumen in me tells me that it is¬†actually an investment in future.
  • Am I capable enough to convert¬†all this¬†knowledge of digital transformation into real time profits and achievements? Do I understand that¬†money invested¬†today in my¬†teachers‚Äô training¬†and¬†establishing digital infrastructure¬†at school is actually going to reflect in terms of my Students‚Äô academic achievements and in turn helping me to sustain my business over time?
  • Have I taken the plunge¬†in to digital learning, training and establishing digital interface or am I still brooding over fees and salary? Have I realized the things which can‚Äôt be controlled must not be tried to be controlled? Rather¬†what can be done from my side, am I doing just that?

How right was Alvin Toffen when he said,¬†‚ÄúThe illiterates of 21st¬†century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.‚ÄĚ?

This is applicable to individuals, organizations and businesses in equal measure. This is THE TIME for schools to learn, unlearn and relearn to be able to survive in future.

All the very best to all of you for the future ahead!


These are of course difficult questions to ask and answer. Yet the difficult questions, when addressed to with utmost sincerity, very often open the doors to emerging possibilities.

I understand that the money is short in supply. Yet I know this also that we get funded when our plans are viable. Investment in digital transformation is very much a viable project.

Reading and listening to woes of private schools, teachers, parents and students on various platforms was somehow forcing me to think of a very practical bailout from the situation. This sure will help schools to emerge as schools of future. At such times of crisis the time at which decision is taken, makes a lot of difference to the survival trajectory.I believe many schools with futuristic visions have already taken the plunge at the RIGHT TIME and will survive the pandemic in the sense that the business and education both will be taken care of.