1. We looked at that kid alighting from a chauffeur-driven fancy car with envy.

How young were you at that time?

We allowed money to define us, when we felt a little small in her presence, despite the brilliant grades on our mark sheets.

2. We were envious of the classmate whose father had purchased a medical college seat for her with capitation fees, and we took up another course.

3. The starting package of that IIT/IIM friend was more attractive than the number of hours you had put in together for study.

Knowingly or unknowingly, you measured success with money.

Yet, you take pride in saying,

“Money doesn’t matter. I believe in giving my best to the world.”

You consider display of wealth or mention of net worth figures as vulgar.

You come home and spend a sleepless night thinking that the world has not been fair to you.


  • A religion which says money is not important, so that people do not kill each other for that.
  • A value system which says “Do not Steal” even if you are hungry.
  • A culture which teaches us to be content with what we have, and happy.
  • A mindset which thinks creativity and commerce are two sides of a coin, which may never meet. Yet we know, one does not exist without the other.\
  • A set of priorities which put money matters on the backseat.
  •   A view of personal finance as a complex subject to be dealt by advisors or salespersons.
  •   An atmosphere where members of a family leave money matters at the discretion of the head of family, and need approvals at every step. They are not trained in decision-making.

There is a not-so-ulterior, humanist motive behind each.

Nobody ever said,

  • Do not manage or protect what you have
  • Do not ask for your worth
  • Do not plan for the future
  • Do not be ambitious
  • Do not live to the best of your means
  • Do not take your decisions
  • Do not leave a legacy

These are meanings we wrongly attributed to the lure of money, and called it greed.

It is time to look at inner contradictions in the face, and discard those.

It is time to look at the demon in the eye.

It is time to stop avoiding the topic.

It does not matter that you were not good at Math in school, or don’t understand how the stock market works.

Let us talk about money, and know where we are.

Let us own our relationship with money, just as we do with our creativity or skills or role play.

Let our kids understand money, and take away the fear and awe from it.

Let it be a healthier world, with money being a tool of exchange for a person’s abilities. If I need to give my best, or get the best from you, we need the medium of money.

Let us give our best, learn and earn and leave behind a smart legacy to the world.

  • Exactly , you touched the chord which majority does not know about.

  • Contradictions, whether Inner or outer are the key factors that set the mind thinking. It is these contradictions that challenge established thought and bring about revolutions.

  • Fantastic Perspective Reena Sharma ji!!

    Liked the idea that let money be the tool of exchange for a person’s abilities.

    • Thank you, Anju! We get paid for our work with money, and then buy expertise/services (it could be a doctor or domestic help) with money. A barter system is practically not possible.

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