The Essential component of Success!!


Emotional Intelligence!!

Ever wondered what makes some people ever happy? How do some people go mostly well along with everyone, practically everyone? How come some leaders are able to inspire their team and get the best out of them? How come some teachers are listened to by the students or how come some of our uncles or aunts or cousins are always able to get done what they wish to?

There is only one answer to all your wonderments, and that is all these people are Emotionally Intelligent. The findings of various researches in the field of Emotional Intelligence tell us that People with High Emotional Intelligence are likely-

  • To be very¬†happy, ever vibrant¬†and¬†going well along with others.
  • To have more¬†fulfilling and satisfying relationships.
  • To be more¬†productive and successful at work.
  • To have¬†solution seeking mindset¬†in case of any problem.
  • To¬†overcome challenges, upsets, heartbreaks, business failure, job loss etc.¬†with vigor.

On the other hand People with Low Emotional Intelligence are likely-

  • To havefrequent emotional outbursts, typically out of proportion to the problem at hand, and are¬†demanding and boring.
  • To¬†be impulsive and argumentative¬†most of the times.
  • To have¬†difficulty in listening to others¬†and understanding them.
  • To¬†blame others¬†for all their mistakes.
  • To be¬†excessively critical, picky and fussy¬†in any relationship.
  • Toshow resistance to change, and¬†not take any initiative¬†to overcome the challenges of life.

What exactly is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to regulate and monitor one’s own self and as well as other’s emotions, and to use this information to guide one’s thinking and actions.

To quote from Daniel Goleman’s (a psychologist) on Emotional Intelligence, it comprises of following elements;

Self Awareness: Knowing one’s emotions or the ability to recognize a feeling as it happens. Being aware of our own feelings, emotions, thoughts and moods is necessary to manage emotions.

Self Regulation: Managing emotions, the ability to behave and act appropriately in a given challenging situation. Self regulation is possible only when we are self aware.

Empathy:¬†Recognizing feelings in others, being able to put the self in other‚Äôs place and able to see how it feels. Empathy also builds on self awareness. If one doesn‚Äôt know and understand one’s feelings and emotions, one won‚Äôt ever be able to understand those of others.

With so much on hand, do you not think that someone high on Emotional Intelligence would be successful?

Along with visible examples around us, research also presents ample evidences to claim that truly successful people actually have high EQ( Emotional Quotient) to complement  their qualifications, competencies, skills and IQ(Intelligence Quotient). So the next logical question in your mind must be  how can we build on our emotional intelligence?

How Can We Build Emotional Intelligence?

To be continued..through the next blog.

  • Other than Daniel Goleman, the book “Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman changed my life. Look forward to your next blog…

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