The Money Matters…


Fantastic Financial Friday

The Money Matters…

Hi Friends, Hope all of you are keeping well and doing great. 

Today is Friday, the day of Goddess Laxmi. I am writing my first Blog here, what better Title to give to my Friday Blogs than, 

Fantastic Financial Friday. 

As evident I will be, writing my Friday Blogs by this Title only but, this doesn’t mean that, I will be writing only on Financial Topics but, on Friday, Yes primarily the Money Matters will be at the centre stage. But, many of you would think about my credentials as the SME (Subject Matter Expert) in Financial Markets

So, to give my Introduction, My name is Sumeet Seth, NISM (National Institute of Securities Markets) Certified Trainer. Out of my total Experience of 20 years, I have worked in BFSI (Banking Financial Services & Insurance) sector for close to 18 years now.  

In the last 20 years, I have worked in different verticals like Hotel Operations, Customer Service, Sales, Training/Coaching, Content Development & Marketing.

Started my career in 2000, in the Hospitality Industry and but then, in the year 2002 the New & Lucrative Insurance market, lured me into the Insurance Business. 

Over the years, Learnt the Life Insurance, Wealth Management & Banking Business with the help of my Seniors, Trainers & Coaches which, helped me in achieving a lot of milestones. 

Now, to today’s topic. 

 The Money Matters…

Most of us, dream about earning a lot of money. Many of us even strive to earn that kind of money. I know that The Money Matters but, how does it matter is the most important question. 

To give you a very simple perspective, some people want to earn money and some people want to get wealthier. 

A layman person will say, both are same but, there is a difference. Going forward, I will share various topics with you on Money Management that Matter because The Money Matters.

Today’s write-up is to set the context of Various topics which I will share with all of you on Money, Specially on a Fantastic Financial Friday

Some of the topics which I will share with you in the coming weeks on a Fantastic Financial Friday are as follows:-

Savings & Investments

Money & Wealth

Aspects of Spending

Psychology of Investment

Financial Risk Management

What Is Asset Allocation?

Importance of Asset Allocation

Capital Markets – Debt & Equity

Life Insurance

Health Insurance

General Insurance

PMS (Portfolio Management Services)

Mutual Funds 

Retirement Planning

Estate Planning & Will Planning

Personal Income Tax

Credit Cards

Various Types Of Loans 

Some General Topics

Friends, apart from the topics mentioned above, please feel free to suggest which other aspects of Money Management you want to know, I will surely make sure that I help you with relevant information.

May Maa Laxmi bless all of us with Prosperity.




  • It’s really amazing looking forward for this Series as Money really matters, अर्थ बिना सब व्यर्थ।

  • Good Educative Initiative Sumeet Seth!!

    Looking forward to read more from you.

  • Look forward to your inputs! Maybe we could collaborate on some webinars…

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