Wildflowers – A Challenge in Covid19

Leadership as a Foundation Series

While I completed my home chores getting ready for the next day after my son has fallen asleep, at the unearthly hour of 21:30 hours my mobile buzzed with a message on WhatsApp. It announces “I would request you to send him regularly to online class. His studies are getting hampered so also his social skills….. He was becoming disciplined and a good student, responsible too….. I don’t want him to worsen again”, my son’s class teacher’s message to me.

Wow, flamboyant and eyes widening every nanosecond, I re-read the message to check my comprehension of the message communicated by his teacher and in a manner by his school as well. With appropriate neuroscience training on my side, I have been striving to be a friend of my kids, a go-to person who is there to support and hold them, letting them “Be” in the discoveries of who they truly are and want to be. And suddenly, out of the blue, I get a reminder from his teacher that my son is not shaping up!

The expectation listing weighing on my son, as highlighted by his teacher, (me getting anxious and then angry, human emotions) mother’s possessive mindset, my child is best.

1. He has to be “disciplined” (I don’t know what that means)

2. He is in UKG and has to be “responsible in studies” (wonder whether adults show responsibility for their own studies!)

3. His social skills are taught in school with 40 students cramped in a corner class while there is no place to stand up without pushing the tables or chairs (my son unfortunately has been shunted to be a back bencher by his teacher – rather unfair gesture, I thought)

And to add on, words poured out in the mind with ease, the teacher’s behavior in the matrix of outcome – behavioral incapacitation she is rending to each child and its even percolating to the family…..her screaming self and the unjust ways in which she handles disagreements. These comprehensive pointers all making an entry to the #supercomputer #memory brain in nano-jet-speed in less than a minute moving. Me just staring in disbelief at the audacities of the species calling themselves “Teachers”. (Truly understanding the challenges that have been upscalled by Covid19 pandemic crisis)

This is the normal emotional outburst that comes when we have no clarity in our goals for ourselves and especially for our kids. The best way to know what is working towards a prepared child is the fun and joy he gets from the mundane stuffs. It is good to #model, the example of the family members, especially parents, siblings and people in the community. A good way to start is instilling a #strongfoundation of task and problem solving orientation, letting the child completing his/her chores in the house, enforcing the helping, supporting #compassion and delegating approaches around the house.

Kids today have become the laggard in performance, like a robots for specific coded quick fixes of tasks. I don’t understand, as its one yard stick for all the evaluations and understanding of capabilities. The humankind has a colorful horizon of behaviors, expansive across all hues of the rainbow. If the way we do the selection of the creme’de layer from all youngsters, the ones with promising potentials are left in the dark back benches. Id it is still acceptable in every respected successful and growing institution of education, which is an industry in itself, the downfalling symptoms are visible in the workforce today.

The need system, concept method is the need of the hour to revive education system and purpose to be aligned with the new needs of the workforce of today’s & future generation. Today’s need is to rediscover the #creative #growthmindset of the children. To bring it back is to beneficially use the acronym:

A – Acknowledge

F – Friend

F – Favour

I – Influence

R – Respect

M – Motivate

We must acknowledge the behavioral patterns displayed by the kid at all times. One must strive to instill a calm and approachable friendly presence for them to discuss their challenges (as no child or adult I know, doesn’t want to improve). We are to be ready to bent down to their level to understand the pain of their feet in their shoe, believe and have faith in them to favour them first. We should aspire to lead by example, getting your hands mussy in the play pit to influence kids towards the desired better choices of behavioral outcomes. The kids are absolute happy beings, respect their sovereignty. And last but surely not the least, we absolutely need to encouraging positivity goes a long way with good learnings instead of the tagging, bad mouthing and name calling.

#ENN4Kids  #GiftOfChoice #PowerOfVoice

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  • Good One MonaLisa. Theories abound as to the best way to bring up our kids. My firm belief is that we have tried to make it so scientific that we have lost the art of it.

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